We are in close professional cooperation with a Swiss law firm in Zurich and another one in Zug whose activity is concentrated on business law as well. Due to this contact we are able to establish a work-relationship in any field of business law with a Swiss colleague who has years or maybe even decades of experience in the given field of law without delay. According to the needs of our clients, we shall provide possibility for contact with our colleagues in Switzerland in German, English and even in Hungarian.

We have been cooperating with a law firm in Vienna for more than 20 years in Austrian and Hungarian cases. This partner of ours is also engaged in business law mainly, handling assignments of multinational companies and firms of medium and smaller size. As a result of this well-tested partnership of decades, we shall be able to consult with the colleague attorney in Vienna in connection with any Austrian business law case of our clients immediately.


DR. BÉRES ZOLTÁN Attorney at Law
He started his career at our law firm after graduating from university, and he has gathered the professional experience necessary for establishing his own law firm here as well. He also works in the field of business law and we perform the legal tasks in the closest cooperation possible in countless cases.


H-1022 Budapest, Bogár utca 11/b.

M: +36 30 989-8263


In business law cases it often occurs that in a given case, besides legal tasks, special expertise is needed (e.g. accounting, tax consultation, investment counselling etc.). Due to our extensive partner contacts of long standing, we shall be able to involve an expert needed to perform the given task without delay.